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Thrilling InDesign


I know what you’re thinking.  This looks just like something else I did on my blog!  Nope!  However, this was also created using InDesign.  It seems pretty basic, too.  The most difficult part would probably be setting up all of the Paragraph Styles or going in and making sure the correct sections are underlined and such.

So the part that looks like it would be the most complicated is the middle text box.  It seems to me that the designer created three rectangles and arranged them as we see them.  From there, he applied a text wrap to the middle one and then copied over the text to the first box and made it where the text flowed through the other two boxes.  At this point, the text in the middle box would be nonexistent because it has a text wrap applied to it, meaning that text is going to avoid it like a kid avoids apples on Halloween.

However, this avoidance can easily be fixed by going to Object > Text Frames Options…  There would be a little box you can check that says “Ignore Text Wrap.”  Now, the text will cooperate.

As for the design, this article is from 2006.  That was the awkward teen years for graphic design I guess.  Just like a teen, this article obsesses with that glorious lime green color that can be seen on the sitting ski and slightly faster sitting ski image.  The blue comes from the sky.  Of course it’s a nice clear day!

Personally, the green/yellow is jarring and detracts from the shocking color of the sitting ski.  However, I do like how “Thrills” is in a bold black while the rest of the title and subtitle are in that sky blue.  It makes “Thrills” stand out.  By having the text go at a slight slant for the title, it draws the reader’s eyes to the slope and matches the theme of the article.  Additionally, the Photoshop Clipping that was added to the main sitting ski really draws the reader’s attention to it and further emphasizes the focus of the article.  Maybe the magazine didn’t have any pages to spare, but I would have liked to have seen some more white space in this design with the slightly faster sitting ski being the main image.


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