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Bean There, Done That


As a coffee lover, I couldn’t help but stop to look at this article that seems to have been created in InDesign.  Interestingly enough, this class has torn down my ability to see things as just plain articles now.  Instead, all I see is a few text boxes, some basic shapes that were colored in, and of course coffee!

For starters, the image was probably brought in from Photoshop or it was an amazing shot.  That shot, either way, was stretched so that it covered the two pages of the magazine.  The numbers and information at the bottom of the page were created by creating a Master Page with those details on it so it was easy for the design in that regard.  Same goes for the header on the top of the left page.  However, the black little bar on the left page could be part of the template or it could have been created using the Rectangle tool.

For the black bars around the words like “Counter” in the title and the subheading on the right page, I imagine that the designer created the text first and then drew in the rectangles.  Or the text is left centered and those specific lines had a highlight applied to them or a background color of black.

The text box is simple.  The designer copied in the text into a giant text box and then made it where that text box was two columns.

Tada!  Now you too can go create a coffee themed article with InDesign!


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