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Color Brochure Practice






In class  today, we put together a 32-page brochure in about 30 minutes.  How?  Well, the key is having the content already typed up, having your pictures ready, and master pages.  The first two are things you’ve probably done before.  However, master pages are a new concept.

Master pages are useful in that they are a template for the rest of your pages.  The two thick lines on the side, page number, and location of the text box are uniform across the brochure because they were designed on the master page design.  To create the two thick lines, I simple drew a rectangle on the page and made it where the ends were off the page and the fill was the color of the page.  Then I made it where it had a thick border.

The page number was placed by creating a basic text box, going to Type > Insert Special Character > Markers > Current Page Number, and changing the font to match the rest of the theme.  The alignment of the photos was done by adding a guiding line on the master page, then I just had to line the photos with the guide line.

Below is a link to the full brochure:  color-brochure


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