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Photoshop and InDesign



So the image above includes my graphic I designed for the article (which you can find right here).  Anyway, InDesign is completely compatible with its sisters in the Adobe Design Suite.  You could drag in a Photoshop file and put it in directly.  For the image above, I simply imported (Command + D) my graphic I completed in Photoshop.  Then, I set my Paragraph Styles.

From there, I drew a Rectangle Frame for the top of the page for the opening paragraph.  I then copied in the first paragraph of the article and changes the style to my subhead format.  For the big A, I created another Rectangle Frame, typed “A” and then changed the font to the same font as the first paragraph and increased the size.  Then I sent it to the back and arranged it so the “A” ended at the same place as the littler “A”.

For the body paragraphs, I created two more Rectangle Frames, and adjusted the margins of it with Object > Text Frame Options…  Now my text didn’t all fit in the first box, so a red plus sign appeared at the bottom corner.  For that, I selected the Direct Select Tool and clicked on the little red plus sign.  Then I clicked on the second frame and the text transferred over to it.  This way if something were  to happen with the first text box, say I added in am image that had Text Warp applied to it, the text would transfer smoothly and worry free.  Lastly I added in my images and added a “(continued on page 37)” to the end of the last line on this page.


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