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Happy Birthday Gif



One really cute thing that Adobe Photoshop can do is create gif files for the internet!

The gif above was created using Photoshop.

It was done by selecting the photos you want to be in the gif, and going up to Window > Timeline.  This will pull up a dialogue box on the bottom of the window, and you will need to make sure that the option says “Create Frame Animation” and then click on that (if that isn’t showing, click on the down arrow beside the middle button and select it).

From there, you will adjust the visibility of your layers and create new slides for each layer.  You can adjust the timing and length of each image to your liking.  Then when you export it, you will have an option to make it so that it loops once, three times, or indefinitely (like mine above!).

Go have fun with it!  there’s so many fun opportunities for you with the gif function in Photoshop.


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