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MISSING: White Band


So the image above is a full page advertisement you would generally find in magazines trying to sell the reader shoes.  What brand is that?  Not a clue!  All I know is that the image above was created by combining Illustrator and Photoshop.

However, if you look at the middle pair of shoes (the back one of those two), you’ll notice that part of the gold and background is coming through where there should be a white rubber band.  Thus, we can assume that these pictures were taken with a white background.  I have no idea how the graphic designer hired missed that key detail, but we will look past it for the time being.

The first step they took seems to be the nice mocha background that blends with the shoes and doesn’t overpower the rest of the picture.  This could have easily been created by creating a solid brown background, adding a gradient at the bottom that went from black to transparent, and then adding a cloud texture over the brown.

From there, the columns seem to be placed it (they could have been created in Illustrator and pulled in or just be stock images for the golden base with the white pedestals placed on top in Photoshop).  On those columns they added some lighting emphasis with the shadows and contrast in the ridge colors.  In addition, the columns help give the image a more realistic feel because they are staggered and two of them are blurry to emphasis that first column.

Next is the shoes (AKA the product they’re trying to sell).  They were placed into the picture with the white background and the background was taken from it like I said earlier.  Then they were arranged like you would see them in a mall display to show off the sides.

What makes this piece pop is the gold themed leaves around the shoes.  As we can tell by the missing band, the majority of the leaves are on the layer below the shoes.  however, for the leaves shooting out of the closest shoe in each pairing, a separate layer was created out of the leaves.  Then a shadow was added in that helped further the depth that the columns created.

Overall, the advertisement above is an interesting one, but there are some hiccups in the design techniques and the design itself.  For example, the shoes should be more towards the top of the page to further the sense that they are on a pedestal.  Another issue is that the golden leaves dominate the page.  It’s good to have an eye-catching element, but at a glance all you can see is golden leaves instead of the shoes themselves.


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