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Finally Fluid!


The face above is not my doing, but it’s a part of Adobe Photoshop that I’ve been dying to know how to do!  That beautiful nightmare above was created using the Liquify Filter.  Below is the sample we did in class.


First off, you’ll want to select your photo you want to use to distort or correct.  Then, go to Filter > Liquify… This should put you in a completely different set up in Photoshop.  From here, there are a lot of fun tools you can play with.

For the design above, the first thing I did was move her eyebrow up a bit more with the Forward Warp Tool.  Making sure the brush size was pretty small so as to not mess up her hair or eye makeup in the process, I then made small strokes upwards with her eyebrow around the center of the brush.

To make her eye look like it belongs in a cartoon, I used the Bloat Tool with a brush size just big enough to cover her eyes and eye makeup.  The key to this tool is short bursts for controlled shifts in size.  Her nose was altered using the Pinch Tool with the same techniques as the Bloat Tool.

Her swirly hair was altered by using the Twirl Tool in a big brush size (300 in this instance).  Just hold the brush down over the area and it’ll start looking like a slow swirly.

Tada!  Now you, too, can go create silly, distorted images of your own!


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