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Celebrity Meets My Face

Ben Kingsley Photoshop Red Carpet.jpg

Of course one of the mandatory tasks with Adobe Photoshop is Photoshopping yourself onto some celebrity’s face!  I am no exclusion.

In order to properly add your face, you need to find a high quality image of yourself and the celebrity you want to be/be with.  Next is color correcting the celebrity picture so that it doesn’t have outrageous tones in it.  From there, use a mask to get your face or however much of you want to be in the celebrity picture out from your original picture.  Then with some reshaping and resizing of your photo, you’ll want to get your face similar to the celebrity’s.  Play with the Opacity if you want to get your features lined up with the celebrity’s more precisely.

From there, mess with the color settings of your face so that it works a bit better with the celebrity’s skin.  Then tada!  You are the celebrity!



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