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Elvin ‘n’ Prague

Once again, it’s crazy to me the power that Adobe Photoshop has.  Today, we worked on correcting colors and brightness.  Below is the first example with Elvis.

So the picture was taken with a phone by one of my professor’s friends.  Since everyone knows that that particular Elvis jacket is a striking white, it was our task to correct the coloration of the photo to make this little pupper truly stand out.

First, I went to Image > Adjustments > Curves…  This should pop up a dialogue box with some weird little details in it, like a graph that has a jagged weird formula that is the coloring of the photo and a straight line going from the bottom left to the upper right of the graph.  I selected the white filled eyedropper under that graph.  Then I selected the white on the jacket’s shoulder.  That shifted the picture to a higher brightness.  Also, if you look at the graph there should now be three more lines: green, red, and blue. Next I selected the black filled eyedropper and clicked on one of the black keys on the keyboard.

Since it still looks a little yellow, go to channel select and select Green.  Since green is the closest thing to yellow, it’ll do.  Now I lowered the green level line from the middle of the line down just a smidgen to get the yellow out of the keys and jacket.  Now I didn’t have to, but I wanted to mess with the red tones so that it made his little nose a little brighter.  For that, I simply adjusted the red tone up a little.

Tada!  Elvis Chihuahua!


Next, we were asked to make a cloudy picture of Prague Old Town brighter.



The obvious step is to lighten the sky.  For that, I used the Quick Selection Tool to get the sky.  Then, I went to the Add an adjustment section right over the layers, still with the sky selected.  I chose Brightness/Contrast and adjusted the sliders until it looked like a pretty day in Europe.  Then for the water, I selected all of the water under and behind the bridge with the Quick Selection Tool again and adjusted the brightness again.  In order to make the rest of the picture look bright and cheery, I selected the base photo and went to Hue/Saturation.  Then I upped the Saturation and produced the cheery photo!


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