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Photoshop to the Rescue!

So our first “real” Photoshop started out with an old wedding photo that had been scanned in.  The image on the right was the freshly scanned in photo.  However, as  you can see, it looks very grainy and dusty.

The photo on the right was the result of using multiple layers with different filters.

The bottom layer had the Filter Dust and Scratches applied to it in hopes of easing most of the specks around their eyes and flowers.  The next layer had a Gaussian blur applied to it.  On that blurred layer, I erased around the eyes and the flowers with a soft edged eraser that had an opacity of around 65% so that the flowers would look sharp as well as their eyes.  The next layer I erased the couple that was standing in the middle with the same soft edged eraser with a 65% opacity.  This erase doesn’t have to be exact, just proximate.  Then apply a soft motion blur to it.  Copy the motion blurred layer and then make it so it’s an Overlay with 53% opacity.

The next set of pictures seen above was a little more complicated.  It only involved a few adjusts as opposed to the layers upon layers.

The first thing I did was go to Image > Adjustments > Levels… to adjusted the redness of the picture a well as the brightness.  First I moved the light level, while having RGB selected, so that it started right around where the mass of curves ended.  Then I changed to Red and adjusted the light and middle tones of the red so that the two pictures weren’t so red based.

Then with the Spot Healing Brush Tool, I went over the man’s forehead wrinkles.  For the creases around the mouth, I selected the Healing Brush Tool and went over his mouth creases after making sure that the source material for its fix was based around his mouth.

The wrinkles under his eyes were fixed with the Patch Tool, where I made sure to select only the wrinkles under his eyes and not the eyes themselves.  Then I moved it down and chose a section of skin that looked smooth.

The scratch on the bottom left corner of the man’s picture was fixed with the Clone Tool.  Similar to the Healing Brush Tool, I simply had to make sure that the selection area was based roughly around the same area and color it in.

As for the baby. the fix was easy with the Red Eye Tool.  The key is to make sure you select enough around the eye for the tool to fully remove the red from the camera flash.  Basically draw the rectangle from the top corner of the brow down to the opposite bottom corner of the eye socket.


Lastly, I went out in search of a celebrity picture that maybe wasn’t so flattering in hopes of doctoring it up to their true glory.  In this instance, I used Jane Fonda.  As you can see, the top image shows an exhausted Fonda, however those wrinkles look like they were Photoshopped on there.  So I mad it my mission to fix her back up.

The main tools I used were the Patch Tool (for the wrinkles under her eyes and around her mouth) and the Soft Healing Brush Tool (for the more minor wrinkles).  After the wrinkles were ironed out, I went in with the Dodge Tool to whiten her teeth and the whites of her eyes and then the Burn Tool to darken her lipstick and the irises of her eyes.  Additionally, I used the Dodge Tool to lighten the area under her eyes that had been darkened when I used the Patch Tool (due to me selecting a bit of her eyeliner).


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