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Trail Blazing Technology


So one of the really cool and powerful tools in Adobe Photoshop is the 3D Tool.  Yes, it’s a super cool and fun tool, but it’s not very useful for real world application.

Anyway, the little background that I created above was created using two images and a text that had the 3D effect applied to it.

For the background of the image, I simply found a cool looking forest off of the internet and moved it into my blank canvas.  Then I found a high quality bark image and applied the “Hard Light” to it with 55% Opacity.  Then I hid those two layers and used the Text Tool to type out “TRAIL BLAZER” with the Cracked font.

With the Text layer selected, I went to 3D>New 3D Extrusion from Selected Layer.  A little dialogue box  popped up.  Click OK.  From there, I messed around with the settings until I was satisfied.

The coloring on the text is actual a texture that you can select if you have a specific part of the text selected.  You can either try your luck clicking on it or going to where the Layers tab normally is and going over one tab  to 3D.  Then select the part of the 3D effect you want to change.

Once I was satisfied with the 3D look, I unhid the bark texture and forest background.  Then I moved the bark texture up a layer so it was over my text as well.

Tada!  Then a Trail Blazer (background) was born!


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