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Kevin Bacon! – Photoshop


Above is the epitome of Photoshop.  It’s Kevin Bacon… made out of bacon!

If you’re wondering where this fabulous nightmare came from, this is from the biggest YouTuber: PewDiePie.  Not only is he the master of YouTube, but he was also the master of Photoshop before that!

Fun fact:  PewDiePie raised enough money to buy a better computer to make his videos on and do better Photoshop.

Now back to the masterpiece above.  It was created for one of his “Fabulizer” videos where he would take pictures of celebrities, Kevin Bacon in this instance, and combine them with ridiculous objects.

At my current level of learning, I have no idea how he smoothed out the bacon to make it look smooth no matter how much he expanded it.  Anyway, the things I do recognize include his use of the Duplicate Layer tool in order to produce so many pieces of bacon!  From there, he Transformed them and molded them so they covered all of Kevin’s ace and neck.  For the glasses, I think he simply erased where they were on the picture, same with the mic.


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