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Kiss my Grass


So as you know, Earth is generally associated with nature and especially grass.  The image above was created using Adobe Photoshop.  The goal was to create a 3D looking image with intense texture.

For the background:

I started with a radial gradient that shifted from a light, lime green (#adbf41) to a mid-range green (#328a26).  Then I Place Embedded… (of course then Rasterized) an image of crumpled up brown paper and Desaturated the image so it was in gray tones.  Then I set the layer to Overlay and 70% Opacity to blend the texture with the green gradient background.

Next with the Paint Tool I selected black fill, big size (mine was 200 px), and soft edges. With those settings, I lightly ran the brush, with most of the brush outside of the canvas, along the edges of the image.  With the black border layer selected, I changed the Opacity to 30% and made it an Overlay.  Then I duplicated that layer and applied a Gaussian Blur over it (set to 32 px).


For the “EARTH”:

I Place Embedded… a nice little image of grass.  Then I used the Type Tool to write out “EARTH” and changed the font to Ariel.  Positioning “EARTH” over the grass image, I then changed the Earth so that it was at 50% Opacity so I could see the grass under it. From there, I used the Quick Selection Tool to select the letters of “EARTH” as my base for the grass letters.  Then I added in outshooting blades of grass using the Shift key and the Polygonal Lasso Tool.

With all of the grass I wanted selected, I added a mask layer to the grass layer.  This should put the grass into the selected path.  Then I adjusted the settings and effects of the new grass letters layer to get an appropriate coloration and 3D effect.  Mostly that involved messing with the Drop Shadow and the Bevel and Emboss effects.

For the shadows of the letters, I duplicated the grass letter layer and moved that layer down.  Then I went into the Layer Style and Color Overlay and made it where it had a black over it.  I moved the darker layer over and down so that it looked like a sharp shadow.  I applied a Filter of Motion Blur.  Returning to the original grass letters, I adjusted the Opacity so a bit of the shadow would come through, giving it more depth.

Tada!  There’s the base for the Earth poster.

The smaller additions I did include the ladybug and butterfly I simply found on the internet and then used the Text Tool to add “Because we only have one”.


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