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Kanye Not?


So the cool image above is an advertisement for good old myspace!  I know, I’m surprised it’s still around, too.  Anyway, this is the second poster I wanted to highlight for my Illustrator blog posts.  As you can tell by the sharp angles, this poster seems to have been created using Adobe Illustrator.

The two main tools they used seems to be the Pen Tool and the Text Tool.  as you can see, the emphasis is on what’s going on in his head, quite literally in this case.  Small things point towards his hair and text there.  For instance, his eye is looking up in the direction of the text as well as his sharp jawline in this image.

Fun fact about Kanye: he doesn’t have any sideburns.  In real life or this picture, which adds more intrigue to the picture.

Now in his hair, there’s a lot of text as well as images.  However, these images are all pretty basic images and shapes that can be easily created with the Pen Tool or using other Basic Shape Tools.

It’s interesting to see the vibrant colors they used for the text in his hair.  After all, a lot of what he says is colorful.

Overall, the image seems to capture Kanye’s personality all the way from the bold “KANYE WEST” at the top to the solid dandelion yellow background even to the little cherub in his hair.

P.S.  My favorite little text bubble in his head is the “It’s ok for Kanye to to speak in the third-person”.  Gets me every time!


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