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Burning Through Time

Sands of Time

Have you ever been sitting at work and just wishing you could burn through those last few hours before you could go home?  Well then this is the picture for you!

The picture above was created using Adobe Photoshop.  It’s a step up from the creepy Saladman we did on Tuesday, I’d say!  This, however, still falls in the realm of basic and easy Photoshop.

First I pulled in the hourglass picture, which had a white background at the time, and then Place Embedded the fire.  Then I had to Rasterize Layer on the fire image so it wouldn’t change if I edited the fire image elsewhere.  Next I removed the white background of the hourglass using the Magic Wand Tool and was able to select only the white and  delete those selections.

Next I created another fire layer and placed that layer over the hourglass layer.  Now my layer order was from top to bottom: fire copy, hourglass, fire.  Now we need to make it where the glass of the hourglass isn’t solid From there, I changed the opacity of the top fire layer so I could easily see the hourglass through it.

Then I went to the Eraser Tool and edited the settings so that the eraser would have soft edges and around 50% opacity so it’ll still shine through.  From there I used the Eraser Tool to erase the fire where the sand is.

Tada!  Now it looks like you have an hourglass that is over some fire!

Going with the fire theme, I took pictures of paris, an orange sky, Godzilla, fire, and a jet squadron to create the masterpiece below.

I used the same techniques from the lesson above to create this.




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