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Most Basic of Basics – Photoshop



I know.  It’s a little nightmare inducing, but the image above is created solely using stock photos of food and cropping out the white around them in Adobe Photoshop.  It was created using everything from the Magic Wand Tool to the Magnetic Lasso Tool even to the plain Elliptical Marquee Tool.

Below are the commands and the like for the basics of Photoshop:

Marquee is referring to the area of the image that is in the flashing circle.

Command + D will deselect anything that is in a marquee.

Command + T  to Transform the selected layer.  This is perfect for moving and resizing the selected layer.  However, this can only be exited by hitting the Enter key, otherwise you won’t even be able to change layers.

Command + J to create a new layer from the selected marquee or layer.

Shift adds selections of marquee with Lasso and the Marquee Tools.

Option key minuses selections of the marquee with Lasso and the Marquee tools.


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