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Interesting Illustrator

Star Trek Beyond poster Gallery 1988 Jeffrey Everett USS Enterprise red opening weekend Cinemark  3D.jpg

So the poster above was a promotional poster in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek and was given away at the premier of the latest Star Trek movie this summer.  One of the really cool aspects of the poster is that it’s retro looking, paying homage to the 1960’s, but is complex enough that it looks modern.  Now from what I can tell, this image could be created with Adobe Illustrator.

Why would I say that?  Well, most of the elements for this seem to be basic shapes, or at least shapes that could be created easily with the Pen Tool.  I mean, It would involve so many layers to create this masterpiece, but with enough time I believe you could get something similar.

One interesting thing about the design is that it doesn’t have any negative space.  All of the available space has something in it.  Even the space above the crew is used to accentuate the space aspect.

Now for the layout, the focus is on the engine of the ship in the lower middle of the poster.  It is highlighted by the triangles along the edges of the lower half of the poster pointing in towards the engine.  In addition, there is a large red mass around the engine that draws in the eye.  The engine is further emphasized by the use of lighting in the bars running vertically along the engine and the simple black base.

The ship itself is very detailed.  For this, I believe the designer used the Pen Tool and traced an image of the ship.  Then for the text on the top of the ship by the crew, they used the Text Tool and then warped it to give it dimension.  The logos themselves were probably PNG’s that were imported in.


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