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A Trace of Color


Blue cartoon looking poppies? What?

I wish blue poppies were real, but sadly only electronically.  This image was created by using Adobe Illustrator.  If you want to know how to change colors like I did above, keep reading, young one!

So first you’re going to want to select you’re picture you want to play with.  Now you can pick something off the internet or go with something a bit more personal from your own collection.  You’re going to need to have the photo you want to alter saved to your computer somewhere.  The reason?  So you can import it at a higher image quality than simply using copy and paste.

Now use Place and select your saved picture.  Great, there’s your picture in all of its pixel glory!  Now that you have your picture pulled up, make sure to have your picture selected.  Under the ribbon at the top of Illustrator you’ll notice some options like “Unembed” and “Image Trace” and “Mask”.  To the direct right of “Image Trace” there should be a little arrow.  Click on that arrow to drop down an array of options.  Now this part is up to you.  There are so many options to pick from!  However, I advise staying away from High Fidelity and Low Fidelity just because it creates too many separate colors that make it difficult to change the colors uniformly.  For the picture above, I chose the 16 Color option so that there would still be the details of the grass and stems, but there wouldn’t be too many variations of red that would make your life hell trying to change the colors of the poppy.

Now that you have your Image Trace option selected, be prepared for some rendering time!  After that’s done, you’ll need to go to Object>Expand… This will separate all of the little sections of your picture so that you can pick at them.  Next make sure to Ungroup the expanded image.  For me, I had to do Ungroup twice to be able to pick apart the image.

From there have fun with the image!  If you want to spread uniformity across your image, like how I changed all of the poppies to blue, select one of the colors and go to Select>Same>Fill Color and it’ll automatically select all of the shapes on the page that have that same fill color.

Tada!  Now you, too, can have blue poppies!


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