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Wine is the Key

In today’s class, we focused on gradient and opacity.

First, we combined our earlier learnings of segmenting so that we could create shapes that fit perfectly within the base shape.  Why would you need to do this?  If you’re trying to create a realistic looking thing, whether it’s a key or a glass of wine, you have to take into account lighting and how said object would interact with the lighting.


First we started with our key.

Since you’ve probably owned a key at least once in your life, you’ll know that they have so many little ridges for light to play with.  So for this part we created the base shape of the key by outlining a picture of a real key with the Pen Tool.  Then copy the key and place the original outline off to the side.  For the 3D effect, create rectangles and line them up with the picture of the key’s ridges.  Now that you have your shapes, Paste in Place your key.  Then use the Pathfinder tool Intersect to create the perfect shapes.

After you create enough ridges for your liking, line them up on your last outline for your key.  From there color them in to similar colors of the key or whatever colors you want using the Gradient panel.  The ridges above were creating by having three colors, a dark outer, light inner, and another dark outer.  To get the sharp shadows on it,  move the little diamond above the gradient bar closer to the dark colors.

Tada!  You now have a ridged key!



As for that wine I mentioned earlier, the same concepts from above will apply to the wine.
The hardest part will be deciding where and to what degree you adjust the opacity.  For the wine on the side, the dark portions of the wine were left at full opacity while the lighter sections usually had lower opacity so that the light colors wouldn’t stand out so much, creating a more subtle effect.

Now go out there and create all the wine you want!  Just remember to drink and design responsibly!


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